2014-03-10 19:00:00

Lin Chin Cheng’s recital together with PERCUSSION STUDIO GROUP (Romania)

Each spring a festival dedicated to a musical instrument or a category of instruments takes place at the Romanian Radio Hall. In 2013 there was ”The Collection Violins” festival, in the previous years – the festival ”Organ Nights at the Romanian Radio Hall”, the ”International Guitar Festival” and s.o. This spring, a novelty: The Percussion Festival. The percussion instruments may be considered the oldest ones in the history of mankind – except for the human voice ! The Taiwanese musician CHIN CHENG LIN, a marimba instrumentist, comes to Romania and opens this festival together with the Romanian GAME GROUP. The artist was awarded in 2007 a “European Soloist Champion Award”. He is highly appreciated for his compositions and tonight you can listen to several musical works of his.

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